Celebrating Afghanistan: Dr. Sharifa Sharif in Kingston for CW4WA’s 9th Annual Gala

On Friday May 3rd, Dr.  Sharifa Sharif, author of On The Edge of Being: An Afghan Women’s Journey will be a special guest at the Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan’s 9th Annual Gala.

Founded in 1996, CW4WA is a not-for-profit organization with the dual goal of advancing educational opportunities for Afghan women and educating Canadians about human rights in Afghanistan. The organization advocates the emancipatory power of education for women and young girls, the benefits of which extend to their communities.  Apolitical in nature, CW4WA manages donor-funded projects in association with Afghan civil society organizations to develop community schools, libraries, teacher training, adult literacy, and computer classes.

On the Edge of Being: An Afghan Woman's Journey by Dr. Sharifa Sharif - Sumach PressIn On The Edge of Being, Sharif provides an account of an Afghan woman’s struggle against conservative traditions that not only hold back the women in her community, but also Afghanistan as a whole. Born and raised in Afghanistan, Dr. Sharif studied comparative literature in the U.S. before becoming a dual Afghan-Canadian citizen. She now lives near Toronto where she works as a journalist and community activist.

Other guests at the Gala include journalist Mellissa Fung, a former CBC-TV journalist for The National and author of Under An Afghan Sky, a memoir that recounts her 2008 kidnapping in Afghanistan where she was held captive for 28 days.

The Gala Night also features a silent auction, a traditional Afghan dinner, Afghan marketplace, and a cash bar.

The press release below includes ticket and contact information.

CW4WA Gala

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