Leora Freedman’s Parachuting: A cross-cultural young adult novel

Parachuting by Leora FreedmanAward winning author, Leora Freedman, is well-known among literary journals for her crossover young adult novels and short fiction. A citizen of the US, Canada, and Israel, Freedman has traveled extensively in pursuit of her multidisciplinary interests. With a wide spectrum of experience under her belt, she weaves resonant stories of young characters searching for a sense of belonging, while staying true to their cross-cultural roots.

Currently available through Three O’Clock Press is Freedman’s Parachuting, a young adult novel about a Jewish teen coming of age in Connecticut during the early 1970s. 16 year-old Zoe goes through a whirlwind of change as she desperately tries to save her best friend Naomi from depression and suicidal tendencies, and struggles to make sense of growing feelings for her devoted, young Israeli teacher, Rivka Lev. Parachuting takes readers along for an inspiring journey with Zoe and her gang of high school friends as they move with the cultural tides of the American counterculture and their deep involvement with the Israelis in their community.

You can follow Leora Freedman on facebook to read reviews and stay up-to-date on all her forthcoming projects.

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