The 2013 Amelia Bloomer List honours Angela James: The First Superstar of Women’s Hockey

Every year, the Amelia Bloomer Project seeks out the best feminist books for young readers up to the age of 18. This year, they’ve selected Angela James: The First Superstar of Women’s Hockey, by authors Tom Bartsiokas and Corey Long.

The Amelia Bloomer Project is part of the Feminist Task Force of the Social Responsibilities Roundtable of the American Library Association. The annual list compiled by their committee features books about girls and women that dismantle traditional female stereotypes, at the same time helping young adults and librarians discover rich, stimulating texts from all the books released in the past 18  months.

Angela James: The First Superstar of Women's Hockey

Angela James: The First Superstar of Women’s Hockey, follows the life of the trailblazing women’s hockey legend, Angela James, as she persevered through societal and racial barriers prevalent in women’s sports to become the top female player in Canada, and an inspiring coach and public figure for young players eager to leave their own mark on the game. Authors Tom and Corey are delighted to be recognized by a project named after Amelia Bloomer herself, a pioneering 19th century editor, feminist thinker, public speaker, and suffragist:

“We are honoured to have our book about Angela James included on the reading list for the Amelia Bloomer Project. In telling this story, our goal was to inspire young boys and girls to always follow their dreams and face life’s obstacles with the same courage and grace Angela has shown throughout her extraordinary life.”Tom Bartsiokas and Corey Long.

You can find out more about the Amelia Bloomer Project and view the complete list of recommended titles here. Angela James: The First Superstar of Women’s Hockey is now available on our website, and in case you missed it, check out this  recent interview with Angela James and co-author Corey Long by the Vancouver based feminist collective, The F Word.

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