Carmen Rodriguez reads at Word on the Street in Vancouver — twice!

Carmen Rodriguez at the Puerto Vallarta Writers Festival earlier this year

Carmen Rodriguez will read at two locations this next Sunday (September 30) for Word on the Street Vancouver. First, in the Canada Writes Tent at 11:20:

11:20 :: Carmen Rodriguez (Vancouver & Puerto Vallarta)

Retribution/El Desquite

When Vancouver artist Tania receives a letter suggesting that her father may not be the man she has always known as such, her world turns upside down. As she strives to understand the implications of this news and delves into her family’s past, Tania discovers the ultimate retribution that her life represents. Set in Chile and Canada, Retribution charts the Martínez’s journey of struggle and survival from one home to the next as it celebrates the triumph of beauty and dignity over darkness and horror.
Cuando Tania, una artista visual residente en Vancouver, recibe una carta sugiriendo que su padre quizás no sea el hombre que ella siempre consideró como tal, su mundo se trastorna. Mientras se esfuerza por comprender las implicaciones de esta noticia y se adentra en el pasado de su familia, Tania descubre el desquite representado por su propia existencia. Ambientada en Chile y Canadá, El desquite narra la historia de lucha y sobrevivencia en la vida de los Martínez, su travesía de un país a otro, y celebra el triunfo de la belleza y la dignidad sobre la oscuridad y el horror.
(Women’s Press Literary $22.95) Adopted by STIBC

Her second reading will be part of the Writers’ Talks series, located in the Peter Kaye room of the Vancouver Central Public Library:

1:30 :: The Roles of Villains and Politics in Storytelling

Writers from different genres will discuss the process of articulating the villain and the politics of a story.  What role does politics play in the story? How does the writer select the villain, how complex is their character, are they sympathetic or diabolical? Do personal prejudices come into it when selecting the villain or the political perspective? Or does the potential audience influence the decisions. Stephen Miller will moderate the panel, comprised of Carmen Rodriguez (fiction), Dennis Bolen (fiction), Marcus Youssef (playwright) and Stephen Marche (books and magazine

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