Flashback: Carmen Rodriguez on CBC’s the Current

Apoderadxs x una educación gratuita by elibertaria (http://www.flickr.com/photos/elyguajardo/)

Back at the end of March this year, and documented on our facebook and twitter pages, Carmen Rodríguez appeared on CBC’s the Current to discuss the student protests in Chile. Being completely impartial, we can say quite honestly that it’s a fantastic interview. It’s part of a segment called “Under the Radar” which speaks to the fact that the story wasn’t picked up in Canada at all, in stark contrast to the Canadian mining industry’s contribution to saving the Chilean Miners in 2010. The major contrast of the contemporary movement with the one that brought Allende to power is how it has been entirely student-led thus far, quite like the Manifestation Montréal. That the discussion takes place just as the protests in Montréal began makes it all the more auspicious, perhaps. In any event, you can listen here

CBC the Current with Carmen Rodríguez, author of Retribution — March 29, 2012 (4:00–10:00 mins)

to find out about the cause of the students, the government’s repressive tactics, and the tradition of protest in Chile. The interviewer is host Jim Brown and the clip was produced by Pedro Sanchez. Thanks to both of them.

And just cause this is amazing, here’s one of the coolest forms of protest you will ever see:

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