Retribution and current affairs in Chile

Retribution is the product of over a decade of preparation and writing. The Martinez family live through twentieth-century Chile, and through them the novel touches on a history that has held the attention of the world over for decades.

But back in August, Carmen Rodríguez called our offices, saying that an addition needed to be made to the manuscript of Retribution. Her reason for adding this part was due to the events the past year in Chile, where there have been student protests all over the country which in many ways mirror those protests described in Retribution that took place in the late sixties. And so there is an afterword to Retribution, where the current affairs of Chile are alluded to in a much different context than the story we’re likely to hear in the English media.

“I find it serendipitous that as this book is about to be released, students have once again become the protagonists of Chilean history… Today when I watch Camilla Vallejo, her fellow leaders in the uprising and the hundreds of thousands of students who have taken to the streets, I feel an intense kinship with all of them. As well, I cannot but believe that their know-how and dedication is rooted in the long history of struggle of Chilean students and is the result of the seeds sown by all those who came before.”

On her book tour last week, Carmen discussed some of these current events and their framing in the history of student protest and resistance in Chile. Over the coming days a series of links to these talks will be available on this site, and

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