A Women’s Daybook Update

It is with no small regret that we postpone the release of the Women’s Daybook for 2012.  The fact is there have been stories that needed to be told this year, and all of our resources have been devoted to making sure their release was put first. In the new year we will make space to ensure that a Daybook does get rolling, and we look forward to keeping all of the suggestions that we have received on this blog as our editorial guidelines going forward.  Thanks for your continued patience.

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6 Responses to A Women’s Daybook Update

  1. Aluna says:

    I’m disappointed, but am looking forward to 2013 — thanks for being devoted to your causes!

  2. terry h says:

    this is so disappointed. is there a similar type agenda to recommend?

  3. terry h says:

    oops. i meant “disappointing”.

  4. j wallace says:

    Agony! I was very much waiting for this, and had been disappointed that 2011 did not make it in to print. I engaged in a great deal of searching last year but there were no substitutes – daybooks with good politics had crappy layouts, and daybooks with great layouts were devoid of politics. Perhaps you do not know how loved and appreciated this daybook is!

  5. Zenia says:

    Please don’t let it fall by the wayside again! It is the format that is most important – it’s more a workbook for life! The politics and photos are an extra special bonus. I have used this book for over a decade! There is no replacement – you have the niche market! They are such good workbooks that I keep the old ones on the bookshelf and refer back to old notes and ideas time and again.

  6. Katie says:

    Any new updates? I would LOVE to purchase this for 2013. I agree with the previous posts; there is NO replacement for this book!!! I have been missing it dearly 😦

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