Field notes, reflections, and unanswered questions from the Jones Tribute and book co-launch with Coach House last night

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So last night at The Shop under Parts and Labour in Parkdale, writers, readers, and punk fans got reintroduced to the work of Daniel Jones. The night began in a spirited tribute where MC, Poet and Jones-Champion Kevin Connolly raised a toast that would have pleased the poet. Then reading from The Brave Never Write Poetry, a rerelease by Coach House Books, Connolly, Lyn Crosbie, Jeffrey Canton, Damian Rogers, Nathaniel G. Moore, and Ken Babstock took turns wearing the mantle of Jones’s grimly beautiful verse. The readings flourished in their intimacy and individuality, as each poet took hold of different facets of Jones’s confessional style. Reading from 1978 was Kevin Connolly and Liz Worth, both of whom contributed introductions to the novel. Though hard-hitting, the words brought the crowd and the readers together (and in probably the most fitting tribute of all) got us talking, drinking, and dancing together after it all wrapped up. There was also a pretty sweet table hockey match going on.  Thanks to everyone who made it so fucking rad.

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