Black History Month author: Mairuth Sarsfield

Mairuth Sarsfield is an accomplished broadcaster, civil servant, and author. She has won awards for theme coordination at World’s Fair pavilions for Canada, and has been awarded with the Chevalier a L’Ordre National du Quebec in 1986, as well as ‘Mairuth Sarsfield Day’ by the city of Cleveland for her work with the United Nations in Nairobi.

Of course, what we like most about this amazing lady at Three O’Clock Press (aside from her wonderful personality), is the amazing novel she wrote in 1997, released by Women’s Press in 2004, No Crystal Stair. The novel was selected for the 2005 Canada Reads competition on CBC, and its not hard to see why. The story revolves around main character Marion Willow, a widower who works two jobs to support her three children, and through her tells the oft-overlooked history of the black community in the Little Burgundy district of Quebec during the Great Depression and World War II.  Read more…

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One Response to Black History Month author: Mairuth Sarsfield

  1. A. Sizwe Adekayode says:

    Mairuth Sarsfield is a very special lady. I had the privilege of her acquaintance through a mutual friend, the late Dr. Carrie M. Best of Nova Scotia. Has she published any works lately?

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