Parachuting, a young adult novel by Leora Freedman

Parachuting by Leora Freedman

Another title to think of this Chanukah season. This is the story of Zoe Diamond, a high school student in the suburbs of Connecticut in 1973. Zoe’s best friend Naomi hides suicidal tendencies with a rebellious attitude. And while Zoe would like to help Naomi with these feelings, where can she possibly start? Her Hebrew School teacher, Rivka, might have some answers, but Zoe has started to feel strongly for her and doesn’t know why. Rivka is like no one she’s ever met: maddening, inspiring, and most of all, she challenges Zoe to make worthwhile choices in a world she doesn’t totally understand.

As fears for Naomi come to a head, Zoe finds herself increasingly confronted by big questions and realizes that coming close to the edge is easier than she used to believe…

read an excerpt here

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