Regarding the Women’s Daybook

Since Three O’Clock Press started this June, we have received a ton of requests for the next edition of the Sumach Press Women’s Daybook. We appreciate the interest and are proud to represent the series. Moreover, we are deeply respectful of the place that the agenda has held in the day-to-day experiences of so many people over the long life of this wonderful agenda. However, due to Sumach Press so recently becoming part of Three O’Clock Press, a 2011 Daybook is all but impossible to produce in a timely fashion. It is our unfortunate duty, then, to place the title on hold until 2012.

We invite you to stay tuned for announcements of our next edition right here on this blog. But in the meantime we suggest a fine, independent, and Canadian alternative to our Women’s Daybook is Second Story Press’s  A Woman’s Agenda 2011: Celebrating Movers and Shakers.

Once again, we really appreciate the interest, and are excited to bring you more great books in 2011!

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21 Responses to Regarding the Women’s Daybook

  1. Alison says:

    Let me add my voice to those wanting this day book. I don’t look forward to a year without it. The layout, paper quality, and binding are just as I like them, and the content is thought-provoking. I hope you will look into all possible options to produce this book for 2011.

  2. Marilyn says:

    yes, if and when the next Women’s Daybook is published, could you please put me on your waiting list or notice that it will be out so I can go to my local book store or order from you.

  3. kristin says:

    I agree – layout, paper, photography – everything about the Women’s Day Book is great. I will miss it in 2011 – but definitely looking forward to a 2012 edition.

  4. Jackie says:

    PLEASE bring back the Women’s DayBook! It is my guide through life! The best-organized and most useful calendar/daily diary I’ve ever used. Clearly designed by and for women. Please put me on any waiting list for the 2012 edition.

  5. Lisa Martin says:

    So disappointed…I’ve been using it for years. No replacement that I can think of – what are people using this year to organize their lives?

    • Nanci Lee says:

      Lisa, A friend recommended one of the moleskin daybooks. Not nearly as much character. No photos etc. but the layout is interesting as there are lined notes on the right-hand side and the week laid out on the left. I will likely try this one for now. If I may also plug a friend’s work, Recover Journals takes old books and makes them into blank journals and daybooks. Found in gift stores across Canada.

  6. The Women’s Day Book is a highlight of my new year! Therès nothing like going through the crisp pages of a brand new year edition, thinking what those pages will look like at the end of the year. It is a life yet to be written and lived… I have kept all my previous year editions and from time to time take them out with me down memory lane. It is amazing how often my chronicles (as shown in the appintments, events and the people I meet) mirror the message(s) and the beautiful photos in these books. The 2011 version is sorely missed but will wait with excitement for 2012.

  7. Want this journal/daybook/calendar! Please put me on your list for 2012. Have been using this for years, and am sad to be without it for this year. Nothing else works as well for me.
    Looking forward to seeing it next year.

  8. jennifer matthews says:

    I’ve searched high and low for a suitable replacement this year and am sadly and reluctantly starting my year with a new and not up to snuff substitute. I don’t know if i can wait a whole year… maybe sumach can put out a 16 month calendar for the coming year so i don’t have to use this lame excuse of a daybook for 12 long months…

    I very much miss the women’s daybook….

  9. Nanci Lee says:

    Hi there, I will add my name to the list of really disappointed users of the Women’s daybook. I love the organization, look forward to the photos and stories which are also Canadian-focused. I have been using it for over 20 years. I first received it from the brother of my old boyfriend. We have long since broken up but have stayed with that daybook. Will miss it this year. I am with Kathy. Nothing else works as well.

  10. Aluna says:

    I am SOOOO relieved to find out you’ll be making the Women’s Daybook for 2012!! PLEASE keep the layout and format the same — it is one of a kind! I’m already miserable with the planner I have for 2011 — am so eager for Jan 1, 2012!! Please put me on a list to let me know when it is available! Thanks!!!

  11. Wendy Lester says:

    I am in total agreement! I have been using it for 7 yrs in my acupuncture practice and I am lost without it. I can’t find a suitable replacement. Some of my clients were on the hunt for it for me for as well, which was very thoughtful. I really look forward to having it again next year, PLEASE!!!!!!

  12. Deirdre Rowland says:

    I am disappointed to hear it is not available in 2011, but equally happy it will be ready for 2012! It is the best calendar around. Yes, please keep the same format – that is what makes it so special year in year out.

  13. Karen says:

    Well, MY day was completely ruined when I found out that there was no WDB for 2011. The ONE thing I do for myself every year is buy myself a Christmas present, that being The WDB. But, this year I got a lump of coal instead.

    I looked at dozens of other generic books and didn’t find a single one that even came close to my beloved friend. I love seeing a week at a time (VERTICALLY!), with lined-hourly appointment slots and current & next month mini calendars at the top, all easily scanned thanks to the ringed binding. Never mind the at-a-glance logging for my moon-time cycles.

    I should have gone back to my Day-Timer inserts instead of wasting money on a lousy, fluffy and cheezy diary with annoying and useless large tabs messing things up but I was too distraught to think clearly. These frilly diaries are best left to the teen-agers.

    If you don’t bring back the WDB in 2012 as promised, I’m going back to DT and won’t look back because a year is just too long to be frustrated like this!

    I’m with Nanci Lee. He can have the house, I want the WDB!

    Please send me a note when they come out for 2012 and I’ll be there when the doors open! Better yet, if you can get these babies to the printer ASAP and come out with a SPECIAL EDITION covering the remainder of 2011 and 2012, I can throw this waste of paper into the recycling bin and get back to my comfort zone. Whew. Thanks for the rant, been a long time coming.

  14. terry h says:

    I was so disappointed when the 2011 Daybook was unavailable, but understand the reason. I purchased the suggested “Women’s Agenda 2011: Movers and Shakers” which was OK, but just not the same. I LOOOOOVE the Daybook…used it for over 20 years and they are stacked on my shelf as wonderful, brief outlines of my year(s). THANK YOU 3:00 Press for reinstating it for 2012. Please keep the format, size etc the same. It’s JUST PERFECT as is. Thank you for bringing it back. Please email me when they become available for purchase!

  15. georgia bernard says:

    Please keep me posted on the availability of the Women’s Daybook 2012–and beyond. I have loved using that wonderful calendar FOR YEARS, and was very disappointed with it’s loss.
    (Will it be distributed in the US?)

  16. Jaci Metivier says:

    I’m eagerly anticipating the 2012 edition as well, I really hope it’s on the way. Please contact me when they’re available. Many thanks.

  17. Leslie Wells says:

    The layout for this book is perfect. The substitute I had to use for 2011 does not work nearly so well for me. I am very eager to purchase the 2012 Women’s daybook.

  18. Hello – I’ve been missing this as well. Please let us know if the 2012 edition will be published.

  19. Linda Robinson says:

    OMG! I am so saaaaaaaaaaaaaad! It’s been two years living without the Women’s Day Book and NOTHING has been the same. I concur, the layout, paper quality, binding, content, things to do lists, projects at the end of every month, the photographs, the size…i could go on and on. I purchased the Toronto Book Store daybook. It was ok. But the paper quality was so poor sharpie’s and highlighters leaked through to different pages. I have lived all year with white out…awaiting this year ‘s Sumach Press daybook. I usually purchase 8 a year and give out 6-7 as christmas presents.
    Please do all you can to bring this daybook to light as soon as possible with the exact same quality and design as in the past…and please put me on your waiting list. I can’t wait to RUN out to the store to get one.
    I shall some how live another sad and disappointing year without my most organizing partner in crime, where i write everything i need to remember…the Woman’s Daybook!

    Linda Robinson

  20. jules hughes says:

    I have loved this book for years as well and have books 2000 through 2010 on my shelf. I enjoyed the ‘movers & shakers’ alternate for 2011, but would love to go back to the Daybook, if you all can possibly find the resources to produce it again. Any current word??? Also, love the whole month at a glance at the beginning of each month that the Daybook had. Thanks so much!

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